Monday, March 01, 2010

Red Footwear

It is only fair if the font is red, too!
More of my new stuff that abah had bought:

Let's go clog clog-king! Trendy new red eye catching footwear!

Where From: Holland
Who: Abah
When: Feb 2010
Wow Factor: #476

From Europe With Love

Items abah got for me during his recent trip. Yay!

Kick His Ass!

One more recent acquisition. Izwan was in Bangkok 22 to 24 Feb 2010 and bought home 2 fridge magnets. He knows I have quite a bit of Thai FM already but he cleverly chose rubberised ones to add to my collection:
Who: Izwan Ismail
When: 2010 Feb
Where: Bangkok, Thailand
Wow Factor: #475

Windmills of Your Mind

Abah bought me some fridge magnets from his recent trip to Europe. This is the first:


He experience his first snow fall during this trip!

Where From: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Who: Hj Mohd Said Juni i.e. Abah
When: Feb 2010
Wow Factor: 474