Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to Arizona

Izwan went to Phoenix, Arizona in 2005. I personally do not think Phoenix is a popular destination for Malaysian tourists. So I thought it is really cool to have one of these.
And then I realised that Grand Canyon IS in Arizona. And that I myself have been to Arizona!! Lake Havasu, Grand Canyon etc. But not Phoenix, though. I am not sure if I have a fridge magnet that says "Phoenix". I have to check.

Where from: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
When: 2005
Wow Factor: #327

Another Balinese

Another Bali magnet. This time, the porcelain fridge magneto depicts hindu temples, padi terrace and surfing. It was a breathe of fresh air, after seeing only wooden fridge magnets as I went from Kuta to Tegalalang to Ubud etc.

This is yours truly @ Tanah Lot.

Where from: Bali, Indonesia
When: 2009
Wow Factor: #326

REVISIT : All Blacks #87

Revisiting the All Blacks New Zealand magnetto. I remember I asked Hisham to buy me some when he went for a family holiday there. I think it is a country one must visit; especially after my favourite trilogy : Lord of the Rings.

This is a picture you have seen in my earlier entry dated 28 January 2008. You can click here to see it: Click click.

I have taken the side profile picture of the magnetto. The player is actually leaning forward, so it is a perfect 'doll' of a player, the full body, except fore the shoes which are embedded into the big rugby ball at his feet, where the magnet piece is attached.

Where from: New Zealand
When: 2005
Who: Hisham Albakri Abu Bakar
Wow Factor: #87 REVISIT

Cider House Rules

Cider House Rules, but really, nothing to do with Tobey Macguire, Charlize Theron or Micheal Caine.
Instead, it is of Cornwall origin, and thanks to Nik Yurni, the cider is now in my house, but on my fridge door, rather than inside the fridge.
It is a semi cylinder shape, emulating a cider bottle, complete with an apple. And it dazzles, without the need for rhinestones!

Where from: Cornwall, England
When: 2009
Who: Nik Yurni Doodlemom
Wow Factor: #325
ps. I can't thank her enuf!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lower The Anchor, Ahoy!

This one was caught near the famous Pier 39. Somewhere near where you can see the prison Alcatraz from far. Izwan said that the souvenir shops, especially those selling fridge magnets are so huge, they've got walls-ful of all sorts of fridge magnets.

This one caught his attention and is now on my refrigerator door. It is plastic, so it is not fragile at all.

Where from: San Francisco
When: 2008
Who: Izwan Ismail
Wow Factor: #324

Apollo 13

This is one of the most teasured froidge magnets in my collection. Why? Because one can go to Texas. One can go to Houston. But one MUST go to the Johnson Space Centre if one is to bring home one of these:

I still gasp and go "ohhhs" and "ahhhhs" when I look at this. Johnson Space Centre, where NASA is. Izwan was so very lucky to get to go there, and I am one lucky wife.

Where from: Houston, Texas, US of A
When: 2008
Who: Izwan Ismail
Wow Factor: #323

Ellie The Elephant

Here's a decapitated man on an elephant. It was intact when Izwan brought it home but over the years, it fell off the fridge door several times and hence the headless man. I treasure it too much to discard it. So it shall stay in my collection.
Where from: Thailand
When: 2004
Who: Izwan Ismail
Wow Factor: #320
Here's just the face of the elephant. It is a wooden magnet. Details (of the elephant skin) is fabulous. But it is dull due to the colour.
Where from: Thailand
When: 2005
Who: Izwan Ismail
Wow Factor: #321

This is a fridge magnet featuring a very lucky man. Why? Cos he still has his head intact!
Where from: Thailand
When: 2005
Who: Izwan Ismail
Wow Factor: #322

From Korea With Luv

I'm not sure what is wriiten in the korean language, but I think it'd ay aomething about love, and also perhaps name of the country. My brother in law Adif got me this, of one the handful fridge magnets he purchased for us. For me, la... since I am more avid than his brother!
Kiut ler sesangatnya! It is a PVC magnet, by the way.

Where from: Korea
When: 2009
Who: Adif Ismail
Wow Factor: #319

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have some rough ideas as to how to properly keep my colection; since they cannot all fit on the doors of my refrigerator at home. A friend suggested that I keep them in a glass cabinet with metal piece so I can put all of them inside. I'm not so sure if that is workable. Maybe if I have extra space for am additional cabinet in my house, I'll think about it :-) For the time being, I'll be contents on putting them on a piece of board, using tack-it since magnetic sheets are probably not within budget. And they'll be kept in either a box or the reasure chest which we already have at home. We'll see if I get around to doing it!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Windmills of Your Mind

A very pretty magnetto, all the way from Holland.

I took pictures from various angels, so here they are. This is still pretty new, so at the time I put up these pictures here, it is still on my fridge door.

Where from: Holland
When: 2009
Who: Imran Hamid
Wow Factor: #318

Revisit: Las Vegas 2D

The lights of Las Vegas strip. Another city, if possible, I'd like to go again. I remember I was in awe as we headed towards Las Vegas night time, after a day trip to Grand Canyon. The city lights, beautiful!

Another revisit! This entry was done in March 2008. Check it out: here.

Where from: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Where now: Home
Who: Izwan
When: 2007
Number: 161

Bali Mirrored

My sis Gee went to Bali for her honeymoon last year. And she got me this Bali fridge magnet. There is a mirror in the middle. Made of wood, apart from the mirror. Gee is flying to Jakarta tomorrow. I'm hoping for some magnets from there.

Above, my sisters Ina (left) and Gee. Below, you can see my camera in the mirror.

Where from: Bali, Indonesia
When: 2008
Who: Ermi Fazeta
Wow Factor: #317

The Yellow Man

Sha a.k.a. MsLove gave me these Digi fridge magnets last week. Yeyeyey, I like. Very very much.

They are so cute, just look at them!

Wow Factor: #314

Wow Factor: #315

Wow Factor: #316

Where from: Malaysia
When: 2009
Who: MsLove
Wow Factor: #314, 315 & 316

Ice Cream In Corn

Mevagissey is a town in the centre of Cornwall. I have seen pictures of it, those taken by Nik Yurni as well as on the net. Good example can be seen here: Click.

I think it is a picturesque town. Where Nik got me this icecream:

Where from: Mevagisey, Cornwall, UK
When: 2009
Who: Doodlemom
Wow Factor: #313

The White Fluffy Huggable Bears

Polar bears are probably one of the cutest bears that exist. In my opinion, at least. I mean just look at these pictures:

These pictures are of Canadian polar bears.

But this polar bear is mine!!

Ain't it so cute?!

Where from: Canada
When: 2009
Who: Jane Doe
Wow Factor: #312.

I'd like to make an apology! I honestly thought I don't have any from Canada; until I realised that Nik Yurni has bought me one, but she bought it in UK.