Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Italian Granite

This one was a souvenir from my boss Alizan. He went to Berlin for a conference cum holiday and brought this fridge magnet for me. I am actually quite unsure of the origin of this magnet for it says "Made In Italy" but I know for a fact he did NOT go to Italy.

So, shall I say that it comes from Berlin? or from Italy?

I have a similar problem involving a canadian farmhouse magnet which Nik Yurni bought at a fare in Nottingham. Or the Utah magnet I bought in Arizona. Hmm :-)

This is a Barola 1993 wine label. Very creative, right? The magnet is granite and the wine label is printed on it. Very nice.

Where from: Italy & Berlin (origin: Italy, bought in Berlin)
When: 2008
Who: Tunku Alizan Alias
Where now: Home
Wow-'em : #218

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