Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rocking Bangkok Real Hard

Thanks to GH, I am now the proud owner of this Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok fridge magnet. I noted that it is a limited edition.

Story is like this - we are all now crazy ga-ga over HRC fridge magnets and trying our best to expand our collection. GH has a friend who went there recently and she ordered for the 4 of us: herself, me, Sha & Wood.

Isn't it cool? So, I am deeming that GH got this for me, although through a lady by the name of Salizawati.

Who: Harnain Haris thru Salizawati Salleh
When: 2010. February. 3 days ago!!!
Where: Bangkok, Thailand
Wow Factor: #458

1 comment:

Gorgeous H said...

Mrs Wood - i tak belikan utk dia. DIa kirim pada kawan dia. :-)
sudah jadi mengentan HRC sekarang ni eh.. huhu