Tuesday, March 11, 2008

From Downunder

Ar Yusoff bought us (ladies of the Bintulu gang) quite a number of magnets during his recent holiday in Melbourne. My dear lady friends gave me the first right of refusal - for me to choose first and they take the leftovers! Aren't the sweetest bunch?

This is what he architect had bought:

Untung badan!! Nasib baik dia tak beli satu kedai :-D And I choose the ones below:

Boomerang, slippers, shirt, tarins - and the best of all - jigsaw puzzle!! And now I have a total of four boomerang magnets - all australian.

Where from: Melbourne
When: 2008
Who: Ar Mohamad Yusoff Nik
Where now: Home
Number: 147

1 comment:

Gorgeous H said...

dah jumpa!! jigsaw map tu...;-)
boomerang tu so luvely...

*i x ramai friends yang blh tlg belikan FM mcm u..but i akan cuba untuk penuhkan fridge tu sblm akhir thn ni.. :-)