Monday, March 03, 2008

Las Vegas Dice

Izwan stayed at the Venetian during his trip to Las Vegas in June 2007. And he saw the Blue Man Group performed there. Jeles! Jeles! But he got me various magnets that are different from the LV magents that I've already got. Some of them are 3-D; just like this one:

The hotel wants you to experience the romance of Italy in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. It offers enchanting atmosphere of this all-suite Las Vegas hotel resort. There are 19 remarkable restaurants and 80 international boutiques of The Grand Canal Shoppes! We did roam around and had dinner at the Venetian during our trip in 2006 and I remember Tasha was very impressed with the decor. Who knows, we might even go there again, say... in ten years? hehe

Where from: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

When: 2007

Who: Izwan

Where now: Home

Number: 139

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