Monday, May 12, 2008

Not Ignored

It may appear as though I am neglecting this 'anak tiri' blog again, compared to the 'anak emas' blog. Well, it is actually a mixture of yes and no.

Yes, coz most of the time I was soooo-darn-the-very-busy-one that I only update the anak emas.

But the major reason for this alleged 'neglect' is that I have misplaced the thumb drive containing all the pictures of the fridge magnets which I have and have not blogged about. These are the resized pictures, carefully placed in folders with names and properly marked up so that there'll be no double entry for the same thing. I don't know/cannot recall where I put it; tho I'm quite sure I did not throw it away. Until I find it, there'll be a lull period la.

Good thing is that the original is still in my office PC, but now it requires me going through all of them, marking out which ones have been babbled about; and which are yet to be posted and drown all of you into ultimate boredom.

That'll take time, definitely.

Till next posting , just to inform - I recently got two new magnets; fresh from London, yewols. Thanks to Onn.

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