Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back From Hiatus....

Helloooooo ..... and here I am, updating this blog :-)

My last entry was on 12th May 2008 - which is more than two months ago! And surprise surprise while I was on 'sabbatical' from this blog, about 550 unique visitors have dropped by. Amazing, isn't it? I am so glad! Maybe I should go 'hiding' again soon :-)

I received an email from a lady by the name of Roziana, who complimented this blog and expressed her interest on fridge magnets too. Thanks so much, Roziana! Your email made my day. Bersemangat I nak meng-update kan this blog.

Although I still haven't found the thumb drive that went hiding, I took the liberty to take photos of those magnets that I have received for the last three or four months- yep, they're all in a white paper bag as seen in the first picture above.

The photography session at my office during lunch - I skipped lunch just for that, but Roziana, I am not blaming you - the satisfaction? More than words can say! You can see the coloured papers on my white board and the stack of books that replaces a tripod.

Last week, I also received wonderful magnets from Doodlemom last week - yay yay - and here's a sample:

Can you see William Shakespeare in the picture above? It has quickly climbed the ladder to be one of my favourites! It's so cute!!

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