Friday, January 02, 2009

Canadian Farmhouse

Imagine walking near a canadian farmhouse area under bright blue sky.... something like this....

Awesome, right? Plus that is a gorgeous picture which I stole from this fella's flickr page, Alessandro Cai's photostream. You should check out his photos. Awesome. He described the above picture as "Farmhouse near Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada. 2007. Seen along the route 15 from Kingston to Ottawa". Which is about right, considering my fridge magnet looks like this:

This is a canadian magnet, of a farmhouse, which my friend Nik Yurni bought at a sort of 'pasar malam' sale in Nottingham.
Where from: Canada (bought in UK)
When: 2008
Who: Nik Yurni Nik Mustapha
Where now: Home
Wow Factor: #221

Nik & her baby daughter having ABC - they came back to Malaysia for a holiday last year (2008).

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