Friday, January 02, 2009

Clog. Local. Cool?!

I have a clog magnet which I bought in Holland in year 1998. Yes it is 10 years old already. Number 52 in my list. You can check the old entry here. But last year I bought another one, with Holland written on it, but I did not go to Holland.

In fact, it was merely 15 minutes from our house. :-D I bought it last Ramadhan in SACC Mall in Shah Alam. It's kinda unfair, but if I had bought a Utah magnet in Colorado, what's wrong with a Holland magnet from Shah Alam?!

Where from: Holland (or Shah Alam??)
When: 2008
Who: Me, myself & I
Where now: Home
Wow Factor: #231


Gorgeous H said...

Hello EFS..
I ada FM dari Holland untuk u yg i kirim frm my mom masa dia g Holland bulan lepas.
Nanti kita jumpa & i bagi k.
BTW,nnti kalo u g jenjalan lagi,i nk kirim FM untuk i plak. Kita tukar.. Nak? Skg itu la yg i wat... Tukar-tukar dengan my mom, my sis & my friend. & mungkin lepas ni dengan u plak... ;-)

Jangan lupa singgah blog i


EFS said...

yey.... thank you thank you!!

Gorgeous H said...

Tapi EFS FM tu sama macam u ada, terompah tu jek.. boleh kan?
But ini beli kt Holland..hehehehee...

EFS said...

It doesn't matter if they are the same. They r special in their own right. Especially bila ada yg sudi nak bagi kat kita!!