Friday, March 27, 2009

It is All in the Family

Guess what? I got a few Pangkor fridge magnets - three of which are from the cats family. But truthfully, I bought ALL of them in Lumut. Kira pass je la tu, kan?

Here's the super cute tiger:

Now say hello to the adorable cat:

And don't forget to give the lion a big hug!

They have two functions - firstly - as fridge magnet (duh!!) and the other is a paper clip. So you can actually hang up/clip up notes - just press its face a little bit. Memang comel belaka.!! Tu belum tengok akak punya lembu, burung, zebra.

Where from: Lumut/Pangkor.
When: 2008.
Who: Sendrik beli la.....
Wow Factor: #253, 254, 255

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