Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movie World

Firah bought me some fridge magnets from Gold Coast!! Yipee yay yay. Three cheers for Firah. This one is from Movie World.

Walking down memory lane, I remember meeting Firah for the very first time. At the good ole AZY. I just started practising and was 'loaned' to the conveyancing department as they were in need for someone to handle the tenants of a (then) new posh and (now) successful shopping mall.

Shida, Aida, me, Firah and Yaya in April

It was Firah's first day at the office. And we clicked almost instantly. And the usual group (pic above) of us who would roam the backlanes behind Jalan Raja Chulan for lunch had a new member. And it was a fabulous gang. Still is!!

Where from: Gold Coast, Australia
When: 2008
Who: Dato' Muzaffirah Tun Ahmad Fairuz
Where now: Home

Counting still : #190

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