Friday, July 25, 2008

Semi Water Globe? Water Semi-Globe?

Izwan took the opportunity to watch a baseball game when he was there for the Citrix Synergy 2008. It was a free ticket, actually.

The local Houston Astro was playing. Well, that is the accompanying story to this lovely water globe magnet that he bought there. Precious little thing, I pray everytime I see Hafiz play with it... I do fear it'll break if Hafiz is not careful.
It does not look like it is a water globe when I take a picture of it the same way I do with my other magnets: So, to satisfy myself, here it is again, in my hand (and whoa...! Cute chubby fingers you have there, Mira): Where from: Houston, Texas, USA

When: 2008

Who: Izwan

Where now: Home

How many now? #191

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