Thursday, June 18, 2009

Animals In A Moss

Animals in a moss? They are, after all, from Lumut. Despite two of these says "Pangkor" but I really did buy them in Lumut.
I was very greedy, I took all of the different animals fridge magnets on sale.
These magnets are actually clips, so you can slip up papers.

Where: Lumut, Perak
When: 2008
Who: me, myself and I
Wow Factor: #354, 355, 356 & 357


pacemaker17 said...

Hey EFS!! I like the pictures of the fridge magnets. The background are so colouful. Did you use colour papers?

EFS said...

hi pacemaker. U guessed it right. I use coloured papers, so menarik sket. :-D