Saturday, June 13, 2009


Around ten days ago, I put the plan to action. I got the black cardboards (mounting boards, they call it), the colourful tack-its, and the three shoe boxes containing the fridge magnets out.

It took me the whole night. At the end of it, 233 magnets were placed on 22 pieces of black cardboards. They are so colourful, and adorable, I must say so myself.

Tasha counted the numbers, hence we marked it at 233.
233. Excluding those on the white board at the office and on the fridge at home. They are now placed in huge plastic box.

I must say thank you to all who helped build this empire. Opps... I mean this collection. Mwahahahah


anna said...

OMG..!!!bestnyaa...tak terucap la..kak..

EFS said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm excited about it as well. This is the first time I ever put them on one flat level. I knew the number but not the impact. Now I know.

I hv been collecting for 11 to 12 years now, but I was more of a quiet collector. I didn't realize the moment I told family, relatives and friends about it, they have been supportive and contributed!

Do let me know if u r ever in Sg Buloh area. Can drop by and look!

EFS said...
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zailamohamad said...

Banyknyer koleksi FM..sungguh jeles;)

anna said...

ok ..!!!