Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Koreans... Two Given, One Stayed

Here are more pics of the korean fridge magnets my brother in law Adif got for me.

This particular one was given to GH as a present.

It is a Korean lady in typical korean costume and face painted in some korean traditional makeup for cultural show.

This little Korean girl by the flag is resting on my mother's fridge.

This one, Korean flag with Korean traditional mask in at the office. Natasha doesn't like how it looks like so I've put it at the office instead of leaving it at home. I have also since yesterday took the rubber/pvc magnets (temporarily put on the side on my fridge) to the office. They are too lovely to be put way down there on the lower front door of the fridge (sebab tak berapa nampak) so now they are on my white board. Will not be there for long. I'm sure by the third week of July they will be in plastic/paper bags on the way to a new white board.

Where: Korea
When: 2009
Who: Adif Ismail
Wow Factor: #363

(since only one of the three here are still with me)

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Opie said...

yg korean girl tuh opie pon ade...comei sgt..hehehe