Saturday, June 13, 2009

Welcome To My Lair

The number is going up. I am, so very pleased!!

I had asked Ar Yusof to get me some fridge magnets during his trip to Uzbekistan. He got me 8 of them (see above). And below, GH gave me 3 (including the Korean couple ) and the rest is from Mrs Woods who resides in India.

Mrs Woods emailed me coz she was devastated since a Hard Rock Cafe Roma magnet which was supposed to be in the package meant for me is no where to be found. Nevertheless, I am so glad!

My sis Gee bought me all of the above during his work trip to Jakarta a week before our brother's wedding.
Below, is a pleasant surprise. In my excitement in collecting, I totally forgot that my cousin Abang Chik is studying engineering in Sydney. So when Mak Uda Leha told me Abang Chik bought me fridge magnets, I almost jumped for joy.

Admittedly, I gave ONE to Mak. So stingy, kan? Anyways, in an effort not to appear to be stingy, (tho I am one, when it comes to my collection), I bought 2 real nice ones at the Singapore Zoo for Mak; including a PVC magnet of Singapore showing some prominent landmarks.

Above is a picture of the magnettos I posted to UK for Izatul. It was a belated birthday surprise! Below, I parted with some of mine for GH.

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