Thursday, December 27, 2007

African Zebra


One from the first batch of magnets that I have. Honestly, this wasn't a magnet before. Obvious from it's condition, it was given to me as a souvenir - and in the form of a key chain. I was so obsessed with fridge magnets (I still am) that I converted the key chain and taa-daaa I have another fridge magnet.

This one was given to me by Thuraya; from her trip to South Africa during my chambering days. That means it is from way back in 1997. Ten years old! It's leather, and it still looks very good.

Where from: South Africa

Who: Sharifah Thuraya Albar

When: 1997

Where now: Office. Hey, is this the first magnet from the office? Oh wow. There you go. Now you know whay I have this "where now" thingy. Just to show that some of them magnets are at the office; some hidden underneath all sorts of messages, drawings, cards and letters that Natasha made.

By the way, just ask her, and she'd tell you that one of mommy's favourite animal is a zebra.

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