Friday, December 14, 2007

Whale Up

Hisham Albakri bought this for me during his trip to New Zealand a few years back. Being the 'tamak' person that I am, and knowing there are various interesting parts of NZ - I wasn't about to be satisfied with souveir fridge magnets.
So I went to the money changer, converted some money into NZ currency and imposed it as an obligation for Hisham to spend them on magnets for me. Poor Hisham had to oblige. And I thank him for being so accomodating!
This whale is the first of several that he bought.
Where from: New Zealand
When: (what year was it again, Hisham?) 2005?
Who: Hisham Albakri
Where now: Home

1 comment:

Hisham Albakri said...

Yes, the NZ trip was in 2005. Early May/late June 2005 to be exact. Winter time ... brrr ...

Btw, sorry for the very late reply ...