Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Leprechauns!


Here's another leprechaun from Ireland. It's now stuck on the fridge at home. All these Ireland magnets are thanks to my hubby. He was sent to Dublin for work 30th October 2006 and arrivd back at KLIA 5th November . There are various pics of him, if you wanna see or you can read my blog about it, please click here.
The detailing on the magnet is quite good; It is produced by/for Shamrock Gift Co. Izwan also bought me a t-shirt that says "A leprechaun made me do it"; which is so cute. I remember wearing it on the way to Los Angeles last year. This magnet was priced at 1.99 euro.
Where from: Ireland
Who: Izwan
When: November 2006
Where now: Home

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