Friday, December 14, 2007

London Bridge


Believe it or not, there's London Bridge all over the world! There's one in London; the name often mistaken to refer to Tower bridge. There's another one at Great Ocean Road in Melbourne. And hey, there's even one in Lake Havasu City!

The London Bridge crosses an 8ft (2.4m) deep man-made canal that leads from Lake Havasu on the Colorado River to Thompson Bay. It was bought for US$2.5 million from the City of London (that's in England, just in case you're all confused now) when the bridge was replaced in 1968. The bridge was disassembled, and the marked stones were shipped to Lake Havasu City and reassembled for another US $7 million. It opened in October 1971.

That's your history lesson for today, folks!

Where from: Lake Havasu, Arizona
When: 2006
Who: Self
Where now: Home

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