Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Choo Choo Tram

Yes, you read it right... choo choo tram, not choo choo train.

This is related to my 2 entries just before this post. I have two trams fridge magnets, thanks to The Architect. Oppsss.. make that three! Ah, greedy me!

I do remember Melbourne. Izwan & I went there in 1998. Izwan was on official assignment and he took leave to stay in Melbourne longer. I took leave to join him there on his last official day there. My brother Itt (who was a final year accounting student at UKM then) drove me to the airport.

I reached Melbourne, took a bus to Crown Tower Hotel and had to show my passport to the guys at the casino entrance as evidence that I am not underage! Anyways, back to En Yusof's generosity in buying trams magnets, here's the appreciation clause:
Where from: Melbourne, Australia
When: 2008
Who: Ar Mohamad Yusof Che Nik
(Thank you, thank you, bila travel lagi, ingat la kat kita!!)
Where now: One at the office & two at home
Number: 181, 181 and 183
(oish, dah banyak betul magnet aku nih!!
Too much is never enough)

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