Friday, April 25, 2008

FLA write to me!

I wrote an entry on the lighthouse magnet Izwan brought home from Florida. Read it here. I included in that entry on the Florida Lighthouse Association's effort to preserve the lighthouses.

Surprise suprise, Stan Beckman, the Vice President (IT) of Florida Lighthouse Association ("FLA") wrote me an email! He must have found this blog by chance.

He said "Thank you for your kind words about the Florida Lighthouse Association. We have been working hard trying to protect and preserve our remaining lighthouses. We have bills working their way through the Florida House of Representatives and the Senate to approve a vehicle specialty licenses plate for the Florida Lighthouse Association. If this is approved the F.L.A. will receive $25.00 for each of these license plates that are sold. This money will be used for grants to the individual lighthouses to make necessary repairs and restorations. That would go a long way towards the preservation of our lighthouses."

Grin! Beam!

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