Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From DownUnder

Many thanks to Ar. Yusof (whom I still owe that anti-mosquito lotion I promised) he bought for the ladies of Bintulu team quite a number of fridge magnets! He went to Melbourne earlier this year with his son to see his eldest daughter.

Since I was the avid fridge magnet collector, I was given the first right of refusal!! If I had my way, surely I want them all, but I am ehem... quite level headed!

We had dinner recently at Ar. Yusof's beautifully designed & decorated home. It was fun, and the host had to wait til midnight for his guests to leave! But I'm pretty sure the host didn't mind a bit ... coz we're the cool gang! (perasan habis!). And who knows, there's more free dinner passes for us in future!! Har! Har!

Where from: Melbourne, Australia
When: 2008
Who: Ar Mohamad Yusof Che Nik
Where now: Home
Whazup?? : 180

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