Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Disney Princesses

Here's a magnet from our trip to the USA in 2006. I bought the princesses magnet without my children knowing or else it'd become a toy and consequently become theirs. To date, it remains in the office, so it belongs to mommy! Truth be told, this is not a Disneyland original. I bought it along the Walk of Fame; the part of Walk of Fame closer to where the homeless are lying by the roadside, rather than the posh side of Walk of Fame. But heck, it is still Walk of Fame. Plus, I probably saved a buck or two (each magnet) by walking 50 meters further!
Here's some snaps from our adventure at Disneyland - one day is just not enough! Tasha was in posing mood, and you can tell she enjoyed Disneyland much better than Universal Studio!

So did Hafiz actually! I think we went on most of the kiddies ride, and the parade they had was a total WHOA. Plus the night show with fireworks! Awesome. Kumpul duit, insya Allah boleh pergi lagi!!

Where from: Los Angeles

When: 2006

Who: Self

Where now: Office arrrr

Numbering: 184

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