Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lighthouse Family

This is a polystone magnet from Orlando. It was made for Beachcombers, Ft Myers, Florida. So it's genuine Floridan, not from China :-)
Where from: Florida
When: 2006
Who: Izwan
Where now: At home.
Counting still : 178

Anyways, do you know that Florida has about three dozen lighthouses, including several of the country's most famous light towers? The Florida Lighthouse Association (FLA) works for preservation of all the light stations. Nearly all the onshore stations are now supported by local lighthouse societies, and FLA has helped organize a Reef Lights Association to work for preservation of the offshore lights.

Efforts of FLA and local associations have led to restoration projects undertaken or planned at most of the onshore lighthouses. Few states have worked as hard on lighthouse preservation as Florida in recent years.
BTW, this is a pic of Ponce de Leon Inlet Light, taken in December 2004. It stands 168' tall. The tower gets its color from the Baltimore Red Brick that the tower is made of. The tower was decommissioned in 1970 due to the beacon on a steel tower at Smyrna Dunes. However, in 1983 a new high-rise condo unit was built that blocked the tower, so the Ponce Inlet Light was re-instated. Now you know :-)

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