Friday, September 12, 2008

Hard Rocking Bali

Here are some hard rocking guitars from Bali. I have several of them, and after dishing our a few as souvenirs, I still have three left. I already have in mind that one of them is to be given to a friend who'll be coming over for buka puasa at my house next weekend, insya Allah, if all goes well.
Here is a picture of my husband and our children in front of the giant guitar at the Bali Hard Rock Hotel. I am pretty sure we've taken similar photo during our first trip to Las Vegas in 1999.

We thoroughly enjoyed the little Bali break. A respite (the word of the day from yesterday) amidst tons of work.
Where from: Bali
When: 2008
Who: Yours truly
Where now: Home
Wow factor: #209 and #210. I know there are three altogether but since I've already decided to give out one of them.

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