Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lobster Crossing the Tramway Track

As you may already know, Izwan went to Hong Kong last month and got me the Beijing Olympics 2008 magnets. But that wasn't the only magnets he bought me, there is this one too:

It just says "Hong Kong" there but I suspect it is actually the tramway towards The Peak in Hong Kong. In order to have that view in the background, one will have to be at The Peak... which gently reminded me of our HK trip in 2001 - Tasha was 6 months old and we celebrated Hari Raya Aidiladha there - no ketupat but hey hey, grilled salmon dinner!

Plus, if you check out this website of the Peak's Tramways, you will notice that the picture is similar!

See? Except that on the magnet, there is something that looks suspiciously like a LOBSTER ..... trying to cross the tramway track ! Hey, watch out! Lobster crosses the road!!

I think its hilarious how this lobster meets its death. Sorry, it's pathetic but when I pointed it out to Izwan and our children, everybody laughed out loud. Poor poor lobster! How the heck did it climb up all the way there? Funny lor how these magnets-making people drawing their stuff!

Where from: Hong Kong

When: 2008

Who: Izwan

Wow factor: #213

Izwan in his NY shirt in HK

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