Tuesday, September 09, 2008

William the Conquerer

Another excellent piece of magnet, compliments from Doodlemom. This is Lincoln Castle from Lincolnshire. It is made from steel and quite heavy for its size. More importantly, one have to go there and get it (beli online tak main la, ok?).
And your history lesson for today: By Norman times, Lincoln was the third city of the realm in prosperity and importance. (Norman times= Norman conquest era).

Anyways, Lincoln Castle is a major castle constructed in Lincoln, England during the late 11th century by William the Conqueror on the site of a pre-existing Roman fortress. It was in 1068, to be exact. Two years after the Battle of Hastings.

William the Conquerer a.k.a. William I is the fella who ordered Domesday Book, the first ever record of the great survey of England completed in 1086. The Domesday Book is also known as Book of Winchester).
He was also French - was Duke of Normandy before he decided to invade England. Before the historical Norman conquest stuff, he was known as William the Bastard, as he is, the illegitimate son of Robert the Magnificient (a.k.a. Robert the Devil) but lucky him, he was the only son and thus the heir to Normandy.
Tak percaya ke? Do a wikipedia research :-D
Back to the castle, for 900 years the castle was used as a court and prison with many being executed on the ramparts.

Many original features still remain and the wall walks provide visitors with magnificent views of the Cathedral, the City of Lincoln and the surrounding countryside.

Lincoln Castle is situated in the North/ Historic centre of Lincoln. Info is from here.
Where from: Lincolnshire, Newland, Lincoln
When: 2008
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