Monday, September 08, 2008

Starry Starry Street

Oh one more fridge magnet in celebration of the famous long street with stars all over the pedestrian's path. Yes, equals to be walked on, spitted on and some parts, unfortunately, wee-weed on.

(took this pic from the abovementioned website). Been to the place myself, the posh part is near Mann Chinese Theater, Kodak Theater and perhaps 50 meters to the buildings' left and right. If you go a bit further.... hmm.. homeless lying around, sleeping, wasted.
But if you do go to LA, it is definitely not complete if this place is not visited!
Where from: Hollywood, Los Angeles
Who: Shahrul Mazli, my husband's brother in law.
When: 2008
Where now: My office
Number: 203

That's Shahrul on the right with his son Fitri (my nephew, the boy in blue). Above picture was taken few nights ago at my house where husband's siblings + their spouses + children & my MIL came for iftar.

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