Monday, September 08, 2008

Winter Sonata

Hello! Here's a happy couple all the way from Korea:

They say, when you go to Korea, these are the places that one must visit:
(1) Jogyesa Temple - large and beautiful temple. If you have time do half day temple stays where you learn about the life and live it a tiny bit. "You'll never forget the four bowl lunch."
(2) Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung - Temples surrounding the backpacker hostel are pretty good.
(3) Tapgol Park - small, peacful park containing an ancient marble pagoda, protected by a large glass case.
(4) Seoul Tower - fantastic views of the city, especially at night. You can catch a cable car up to to the base of the tower, or a bus from Chung-muro subway stop.
(5) Namdaemun/Sungnyemun - the south gate, National Treasure number 1 and stunning.
(6) Gyeongbokgung - the main palace in the centre of Seoul. Take a few hours to wander round and look at the gardens and buildings.
(7) The Hammering Man - a bizarre huge moving statue close to the museum of history.
(8) Nanta - a cooking/ taiko performance which is just insane. Most hotels have information leaflets about it.

This couple were purchased with the other pair in September 2004 when Izwan went to Busan for an assignment.
Where from: Busan, Korea
Who: Izwan
When: 2004
Where now: Home
Number: #201 + #202

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