Friday, January 04, 2008

The Kiasu One

#57 was bought by Izwan, about the only working trip to Singapore where he did buy fridge magnets. He bought a total of three. Yes, if you have been reading this blog of mine, this is the same visit where he stayed at the Fullerton Hotel.

The only pics I could find on this trip to Singapore is a series of aeroplane pictures Izwan must have taken for Hafiz. Hafiz was then so into aeroplanes, be it commercial planes or even jet fighters. He takes it after his daddy and his late grandpa.

Where : Singapore
Who: Izwan
When: 2005
Where now: Home
FYI, during the same month, Hafiz celebrated his second birthday with a chocolate moist cake, decorated with a die-cast fighter plane:And to think now he is in kindergarten!!

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