Friday, January 25, 2008

Lightning McQueen's Home

It was cold breezy morning when we arrived at Grand Canyon. In fact, it was still cold and breezy during lunchtime. But the view was amazing. Breathtaking ... and it was surreal!

Here are some pictures we took:

The kids certainly enjoyed the weather although it was a bit much. 7 degrees celcius, If I am not mistaken. But I would go there again, if I have the opportunity.

Where from: Grand Canyon
Where now: Office
Who: Self
When: 2006
Number 83
It is also the home of Lightning McQueen of Cars. BTW on the magnet, it is a picture of Grandview Point and Navajo Mountain along the East Rim drive. Grandview Point is located 600 feet above Grand Canyon Village. The distance from the South Rim to the North Rimvaries from half a mile to 18 miles and has a max depth of 6000 feet. Info is taken from the back of the magnet itself.

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