Friday, January 11, 2008

Twin? No, it's Triplets!

Triplets, huh? No, not that one, it's this one:
The Las Vegas triplets. Well, they originally bought as a quadraplet, with a red one, to add. But post birthday party I had for my children in 2007, I noticed that the four has been reduced to a three. It was indeed a sad moment. Someone has taken my red Vegas dice. There were quite many people in the house then; but my intuition tells me it wasn't a misdeed by a child.
Here they are again in another pose.
And another. Izwan bought them during his trip o Vegas/LA in 2007. Yup, the one he had just after a few month we went there with Hafiz and Natasha.

Although only three are left, I still cherish them.

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