Friday, January 04, 2008

Fishy Shirt

Since we're on the shirt mood, here's a t-shirt from Sydney Aquarium. Bought in 2004. It's rather expensive compared to the aussie/sydney FMs we got at Paddy's Market since it was sold at an attraction centre.

Here's yours truly in front of Sydney Aquarium. It's definitely the best aquarium centres I've seen so far (whe wah, macamla dah banyak tempat pergi) and the other is a pic of 1 year + Hafiz admiring he fishes right under his feet.

Where from: Sydney Aquarium, Sydney, Australia
Who: Self
When: 2004
Where now: Home
Number: #61
And here's a pic of Hafiz and his daddy sitting against the aquarium wall where they play classical music in the background.

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