Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Spot The Difference

Please spot the differences between the magnet A (above) and magnet B (below). How many differences can you spot?

Oh, now you gonna say that they're actually one and the same and I only changed the background colour to confuse you. That's an excuse for someone who:

(1) cannot spot any differences; or

(2) too lazy to try and spot any differences.

To tell you the truth, I didn't try spotting any differences between the two, athough I assure you they are two different fridge magnets! Kenapa, tak percaya ke? As proof:

# 48 and #49.

These magnets were souvenirs En Yusof bought for "The Bintulu Team". Before he went to Hong Kong, he told us about it and offered to get us t-shirts. t was then that I revealed what a fridge magnet freak I am and asked if mine can be in the form of FMs inteads.

He bought all of us the same thing! I got a total of four, actually.

Where: Disneyland, Hong Kong

When: 2007

Who: Ar Mohamad Yusof Nik

Where now: #48 is at home. #49 is at the office.

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