Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Oh well, my darling husband just came back from his work trip to New York. Apart from my coaches, he also bought these:

Tho not all belong to me, I am still very very grateful that he let me own most of them. Yeyyy!! He must have spent over USD100 fr the NY magnets alone. Plus, he also got me some magnets from Stockholm!

Thank you, thank you, sayang


Mrs LVoe said...

so beautiful especially yg colorful new york tu. u r so lucky dear

Izatul Muktar said...

Kak Mira.. bestnyee.. saya suka betul tgk Stockholm magnet 2nd from left.. uhwaaa bendera Sweden.. the colourful New York 2nd from left anddddd... absolutely New Jersey's map..!! geram betul !.. Kak Mira boleh bukak kedai tau ;-D ...