Sunday, May 31, 2009

REVISIT : All Blacks #87

Revisiting the All Blacks New Zealand magnetto. I remember I asked Hisham to buy me some when he went for a family holiday there. I think it is a country one must visit; especially after my favourite trilogy : Lord of the Rings.

This is a picture you have seen in my earlier entry dated 28 January 2008. You can click here to see it: Click click.

I have taken the side profile picture of the magnetto. The player is actually leaning forward, so it is a perfect 'doll' of a player, the full body, except fore the shoes which are embedded into the big rugby ball at his feet, where the magnet piece is attached.

Where from: New Zealand
When: 2005
Who: Hisham Albakri Abu Bakar
Wow Factor: #87 REVISIT

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