Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Old

When I crossed the 300 line, I looked at the pcitures of the fridge magnets I am yet to document, I thought I only have a handful more to go. When I got home and I saw the London Snowstorm I own, which is similar to the one I booked from Naza (but yet to receive), I thought I must have forgoten to document some of mine.

And then I realised that I have not resized any of the fridge magnets I made Imran Hamid buy for me during his Europe/UK excursion.
Neither have I done so for the fridge magnets I got from Nik Yurni in March.

Oh dear. I am getting old. I have actually taken pictures of nthem magnets but I am yet to resize them and put them in the "To Do" folder!

I'm taking a deep breath. I have 18 more to add to present "To Do" folder.


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