Friday, May 08, 2009

To Market To Buy a Fat Sheep

These magnets from Seattle is one of my favourites. They are made of rubber. They are colourful. And most of all, they are MINE (*cue for evil laughter*)



but THREE of them!
Ok, two of them bears the same picture, but as a fellow collector Izatul said "meroyan" bila dapat fridge magnets ni! Izwan bought them during his trip to Seattle, of course. Hmm.. now I really cannot wait for him to come back from New York with a handful of magnets. Hopefully he gets some New Jersey magnets too. Now that makes me think of Mimi's favourite singer: Bon Jovi.
But nevermind, here is the factor that makes me grin with delight!
Where from: Seattle, United States of America
When: 2008.
Who: izwan bin Ismail.
Wow Factor: #260, 261 & 262

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