Friday, May 15, 2009

Goofy & Gang

Onn just came back from Hong Kong last week and as a good friend, I was unashamed to tell him I want a fridge magnet from Disneyland Hong Kong. He bought me this:

It is the very same one that Mailisa got me and Yusof got me. Yusof went overboard and got me two of them. I blogged about them earlier (click
here), they were number 75 and 76 accordingly.

However, I gave one of them to my childhood friend Wong Su Luan in early April 2009 which automatically eliminated the existence of number 76. So, I will number this magnet as "76" to replace the one given out. It was supposed to be #283, but nevermind. I want an accurate calculation!

That's me with Onn and Izlina.
Where from: Hong Kong
When: 2009
Who: Mohd Onn Shawal
Wow Factor: # 76 (not #283)
(to replace original #76 which was given away)

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