Monday, May 18, 2009


I have gone back on what I said.

I promised myself, the collection here is exclusively from friends, relatives & Izwan, of course. I promised to have some discipline and refrain from buying them online. But last week, on Friday, those 'principles' went crumbling down like apple crumble with vanilla icecream. Down the drain.

I made bookings with Naza & Jane Doe. I can't help myself. It was too tempting. Plus Naza said she'll look for Hard Rock Cafe magnets for me (I blame Imran for this, I'm envious of his UK HRC collection).

Right now,

1. I'm anxiously waiting for a package from a lady friend, perhaps some Scandinavians, to grace my collection.

2. I'm also hoping my public listed ED friend did buy something during his London trip.

3. I got Haryati to get me some from Niagara Falls (and more!).

4. I'm meeting up with Jane Doe tomorrow for a Canadian polar bear (yahoo!).

5. I'll probably drag Yan to go to HRC KL with me during our girly excursion this week to get one from KL HRC. Does Planet Hollywood have fridge magnets? Does err... Coach ... have fridge magnets? (have you seen the keychains? O.M.G!!)

BTW, I realised that I have never posted anything on my London snowstorm. Izwan bought it a couple of years back. I don't have it in my list of magnets to be uploaded here. Neither have I ever uploaded in previous entries. Uh oh. Does that mean there are fridge magnets in my collection that I am yet to document properly?

Anyways, on top of all the above. I am thinking of the best way to keep them. GH is right, those which are not on my fridge doors (I only put new ones there) - are now sleeping my shoe boxes. It just doesn't seem right. I should have an album or something for them.

I'm thinking. I'm thinking.

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Gorgeous H said...

pssstt.... i pernah nampak Coach FM!! tapi i tak beli..