Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have some rough ideas as to how to properly keep my colection; since they cannot all fit on the doors of my refrigerator at home. A friend suggested that I keep them in a glass cabinet with metal piece so I can put all of them inside. I'm not so sure if that is workable. Maybe if I have extra space for am additional cabinet in my house, I'll think about it :-) For the time being, I'll be contents on putting them on a piece of board, using tack-it since magnetic sheets are probably not within budget. And they'll be kept in either a box or the reasure chest which we already have at home. We'll see if I get around to doing it!


pacemaker17 said...

hey EFS, what about magnetic board?? i went "usha" in ikea the other day, it's RM39 each.

Anonymous said...

how about letak di magnetic board pastu gantung kat dinding. board tu ada dijual di Ikea RM39.90 satu. i lekatkan semua my FM kat board tu sbb bila lekat di pintu fridge,acapkali my FM tu jatuh bila pintu dibuka/tutup. letak kat tepi fridge pun selalu jer ada yang terlanggar2..

cik ketumbar

Uncle Lee said...

Hello EFS, I was at GH's page and notice your callsign 'EFS'....at first thought EPS, ha ha. Then see your lovely profile pic I busybody over.
Ahhh, you too collect fridge magnets?
Me too...but only collect unusual ones or places we have been too.

I did buy all those Malaysian fruits at Central market when we last balek kampong in 2002.
Running out of space on our fridge, either get bigger fridge or....slow down collecting.

I used to collect cocktail sticks from Nite clubs, got hundreds of them, now in a vase macham bunga, ha ha.
You have fun and keep well, Lee.

EFS said...

Pacemaker & Cik Ketumbar,

Thanks for the feedback! I will check out the magnetic board at Ikea this weekend, if I can. Or soonest, whenever.

Thanks to my friends on Facebook, I think I I'll put them on the magnetic board and hang up on the wall by the stairs.

EFS said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

well well well, finally you paid my blog a visit. You will not believe this, but I have heard of you. Not from the group of friends I share with GH, but other ladies in the bloggersphere!

Yes, I intend to keep my collection based on countries/cities/events; so that there is a purpose to this; with due respect to everyone. Different people holds different view. I do have some cutesy mutesy but 99% of them were all prezzies from overseas. I have purchased a few fridge magnets (country/city/events based) over the net recently but am determined to put a stop to it.

I'd like my collection to be more meaningful. Bought by myself at the places I visit or from someone who bought with me in mind - [nevermind if it is an afterthought]; or exchanged with someone - which means letting go of something I bought/was bought for me.

Do drop by whenever you can.