Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kawan Baru

I met up with new friends, who are also fridge magnets collector, yesterday evening after work. Apa lagi, camera pun dikeluarkan la dari handbag tapi Jane Doe refused to have her picture taken.

I bought one Canada and one China PVC/rubber fridge magnet from Jane Doe. Shortly later, MsLvoe joined us.

She got me a set of three Digi fridge magnets, plus one from Vietnam and another from Cameron Highlands.

Jane Doe took a picture of me & MsLvoe.

Aiyayayaya the magnets are so so so cute. And the ladies are wonderful too! I had fun! Perhaps we can do again soon, ladies!

1 comment:

Mrs LVoe said...

yup, i really had fun too dear. glad u like it!

i like ur skin.. so flawless :-)