Friday, May 08, 2009

All Things Bali

This is a carca marba entry of Bali magnets. I bught quite a handful of stuff, for myself, my friends, my mom.

So here are the detailed ones for this blog:

(surf board? It's nothing compared to the hard bodies surfers I see by the beach)

Kickboard. Kids stuff. Still not like the hard bodies surfers by the beach.

(this pair is quite tiny & cute. the hard bodies surfers usually walk around in their slippers if they were to dash to the Bali version of 7 Eleven for a fizzy drink))

(Tasha banned this one from our house, so it is at my office. It looks nothing like the hardbodies surfers)

(groan! Typical Bali magnet!)

(groaning gets slightly louder!)

groan ended. Not even pretty.
I still prefer ogling at the hard bodies surfers by the beach.
So here goes:
Where from: Bali, Indonesia
When: 2009
Who: Cik Mira ler...
Wow Factor: #264 - 270


Opie said...

hi...opie pon suke gile ngan FM nih..baru mula nk kumpul...salam kenal..kite tukar link ek...

nak tanye, kat mane u beli FM map Bali tuh...berkenan tul la tgk..leh bg tak tempat nye kat ne??..sbb slalu FM bali nih dapat yg kayu tuh jer..tq

Mrs LVoe said...

nice collections u have dear.