Saturday, May 23, 2009

Love From London

Doodlemom often gave me fridge magnets. She must be thinking of me during her trips all over UK. She got me so many! Including this one, which I received through Kakak in March this year.

Isn't it awesome? Best giler! Thank you Doodlemom. Your are definitely one of the major contributors!

By the way, you are right, Angels & Demons is very interesting. I saw it last night, Izwan and I went dating :-)

I guess we'll now have to get the book!

Where from: London.
When: 2009
Who: Nik Yurni Nik Mustapha.
Wow Factor: #307

1 comment:

Norhayati said...

efs..nice fm:)

nik yurni/nonie/noxy/doodlemom.. kite nak jugakkk..hehehe